The United Way of the Cape Fear Area has long served the neighboring counties of Brunswick, Columbus, New Hanover and Pender in North Carolina. However, being associated with United Way Worldwide has been both a help and a hindrance. The name recognition certainly establishes their reputation as an effective and respected charity, but UWCFA struggled to convey the message to donors that the money given locally was also spent locally and not redistributed to a hundred other United Way groups across the world.

In 2013, UWCFA turned to the professionals at Carolina Video Edit Centers to help craft a message that would resonate with the local communities that the organization served.  The power of video allowed United Way staff and volunteers to speak directly and honestly with current and future donors about the impact their donations would have locally through United Way’s programs.

The following year, while rolling out a new initiative called “COMMUNITY IMPACT”, the UWCFA produced three separate videos that highlight the 3 critical areas of the program. The videos can be shown separately or together depending on the target audience.

Moving into the future, the UWCFA is once again turning to the experts at Carolina Video Edit Centers to create new and powerful messages in the medium of video. They are also leveraging the versatility of the medium by deploying their videos across the internet, social media, local & government television channels and board room presentations. Carolina Video Edit Centers is proud to be working with such a great organization and will continue to help it deliver its message and expand its reach with video.



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